Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Keith's Accident

Monday afternoon, our friend Keith was in a car accident. Chad happened to call Keith in the moments after the accident, so we went straight to the scene to make sure he was ok. He told Chad that a girl ran out in front of his car so he slammed on his brakes, but still hit her. Then, a utility van rear-ended Keith's car. The van demolished the back of his car. His car was loaded with equipment (3 guitars, a bass, an amp, cymbals, and a pedal board.) When the van hit him, a couple of the hard cases hit him in the arm and back of the head.

Chad rode in the ambulance with Keith to the hospital. At first, Chad and I thought Keith was alright. On the way to the hospital, Keith started repeating himself. The whole way to the hospital the conversation was "Where's Chad?" (the ambulance rider would tell him Chad was in the front seat) "Chad, that scared me so bad!" .... "Where's Chad?" "Chad, that scared me so bad!" .... for about 20 minutes straight.
By the time they arrived at the hospital, Keith couldn't remember the accident. He would ask "What happened?" about every other minute. He also started asking if Chad was ok. We think because Chad called him right after it happened, Keith associated Chad with the accident.

They did X-rays and a cat scan, and all of the tests came back negative. The doctors told all of us (About 10 family members, Noah, Chad and I) that his memory would come back, but there was no way to determine when. At the end of the night, about 5 hours after the accident had happened, he couldn't remember anything from this past weekend up right then. He was still asking "What happened?" and if his car was ok every couple of minutes. He also said he wanted Chipotle really bad about 50 times :).

Yesterday, he could remember all of the way up to a couple of hours before the accident. We went to the impound lot to take photos for the insurance company. Keith still couldn't remember the accident and couldn't believe how bad his car looked. Of course Keith had a good sense of humor about the whole situation. He's doing really well now, as you can see:

Here are some more photos of his car:

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