Friday, July 25, 2008

Josh & Jillian: Wedding

I could write 972498 pages about how amazing Josh and Jillian's wedding was! I was so honored that they asked me to capture their wedding. At first, I was nervous about it. Josh asked Chad to be his best man, so that meant I would be shooting solo. But, thanks to some awesome friends, there ended up being 3 other photographers! Thank you very much to Jamie Jansen, Scott Watt, and Hollie Stefaniak!! Also, thanks to Josh and Jillian for being smoking hott! You all made my life easier that day :D On to the photos:

I met the girls at Headliners Salon & Day Spa, where they had their hair and makeup done:

Everyone looking gorgeous and ready to head to The Oaks!

I love this shot of Mr. Amann checking the bouquets.

Here are the guys! I really really love this one :)

Don't you love Jillian's shoes??

Josh and Jillian decided to see each other before the ceremony (Which I highly recommend!) The next few moments that followed were so beautiful and emotional. Here's the moment right before Josh saw his beautiful bride-to-be.

Such a beautiful embrace :)

We were able to do all of the family portraits, bridal party shots, and some fun portraits of just the two of them before the ceremony.

You cannot take a bad photograph of these two!

One of my very favorites- they're such a gorgeous couple! Can you imagine how ridiculously good looking their children will be??

A few more shots of the guys, in the last moments before the ceremony.

I love Josh's expression in this one. You can tell he has a million things going through his mind.

The ceremony!!

Morgan did SO well! She wins "flower girl of the year" in my book- she went the whole day with a walking cast on one leg... that she just had put on the week of the wedding!

I love this moment:

I'm getting teary-eyed going through these!


Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Pancher!!!!!

Their first dance was beautiful- heck, everything they did was beautiful!

So sweet :)

Mr. Amann looks so proud in this photo:


Everyone had a great time on the dance floor!

We went back out to the ceremony site at the end of the night for a couple more shots of just the two of them.

Thank you again, Josh and Jillian. We love you so much and we're so happy for you!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tina & Mark: Wedding

I feel like I've blogged more today than I have this whole month!

Chad and I have been so blessed by our clients! We've been welcomed in like family and treated like the best of friends. That is reason enough for us to love what we do! On top of that, we get to document people and families on one of the most important days of their lives. AND we get to create fun art. We're so blessed!
Tina and Mark were married at the BEAUTIFUL Oak Lodge in Stahlstown, PA. Everywhere you turned was another picturesque location. And hello: Tina is so incredibly gorgeous!!! Mark is such a great guy, and he gave a really sweet toast at the reception which had the whole room choked up! The whole day was wonderful :)
Thanks again, Mark and Tina!!!

Love this!

I love how brutally honest children are, even without words! :)

Chad captured this adorable moment right before Tina walked down the aisle.

The chapel was awesome!

A few portraits after the ceremony...

All of the kids at the wedding received different animal masks, instead of those boring-old grown up wedding favors :)

Ari: Senior Session

!!!!! <-- That is how I feel about these photos. I love them! This shoot was so unique and so much for me. Ari is such a cool girl (and a future rockstar photographer!). In the conversations I had with her mother prior to the session, I knew Ari was going to be a lot of fun to photograph. She had great outfits picked out and was open to all of the ideas I had swirling around in my head! Thanks so much, Ari and Kris, for trusting my vision :)
Enough words- onto what you're here for:

With many thanks to Kris, we had a completely unique experience and location to go with Ari's great "Marilyn" dress!

I have a lot of favorites from this session, and this is one of them!

Love those colors!

Whenever I return to a location, I try to capture everything in a new way.. I'd like to think I accomplished that with this one: