Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hey Sandy: Artists Session

Saturday we had a short shoot with my brother's band, Hey Sandy. These guys are all incredible musicians, especially for their ages (about 17-19). Their sound is so different from other bands in this area, and other musicians their age. (I may be slightly partial...) :) If you were wondering, their name comes from the theme song from Nickelodean's "The Adventures of Pete and Pete".
You can listen to their music here: Hey Sandy Myspace.

From left to right: Max, Josh, Bryant, Ryan(my brother), Josh, Nate

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Jim Baker said...

hey, i followed a link from rachel barkers site... cause you were 'tagged' i LOVE these band shots i bet your bro's band is happy to have them. what were you using to light these? and is your post work actions?

jim baker