Sunday, February 10, 2008

John Pope: Artist

I apologize for completely disappearing for the last month! To you, who have been stopping by lately, I hope this post makes up for some of that :)

Chad and I had an AMAZING shoot with one of the coolest guys on the earth. This is John Pope. John is an incredibly talented guy. He's a musician / photographer / cinematographer / SUPER creative person! John's got a new website in the works and needed some photos for it. I'll be sure to put a link to his site on here when it's up.
We shot all of these in downtown Canton yesterday and had pretty decent weather considering today was -20* with the wind chill. I love the end results of this shoot and I can't wait to work with John again!!

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Genevieve said...

Fun photos of John. To bad we missed him when he was right down the street from us :(