Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Alissa: Senior Session

I love my seniors!! I knew today was going to be an awesome session. Alissa is a gorgeous girl with the most infectious smile. I've know her for a long time... we even used to be on a dance team together :) hahah. I was slightly intimidated today because Alissa is a photographer herself- she's going to school for it in the fall.
I had such a great time today and I love what we captured-- thanks, Alissa!!!
Enjoy the preview!

My favorite:


Jeremy VanAndel said...

LOVE that polka dot dress shot. Awesome session.

christina said...

great shots, lisa! i am always impressed with your work. you have great locations, too. i have to start from scratch on that...i have some great ones here in grand rapids, but i have to start my search as SOON as i get down there! that part is always fun, though...finding those amazing little hidden spots. :) hope your weekend is going well.

Rachel Barker said...

OH my gosh, Alissa! You have grown into such a gorgeous girl!!!!

Lisa, these look great!

Lisa Christine Photo said...

Thanks so much! :D

Christina-Honestly, I found a lot of those spots with her for the first time that day, hah.

Jake~ said...

Stunning! I love all these! Great job!