Saturday, June 28, 2008

To My Wedding Clients:

Jamie Jansen Photography is going through some changes and I want to make sure all of my brides (& grooms!) are aware of it. This is from Jamie's blog:

The End of Pictage
It has come to my attention that Pictage has been behaving in an un-ethical manor towards my clients. I find this unacceptable. In an effort to best serve and protect all of my clients, I am in the process of closing all the Pictage galleries. Your photos will soon be available at the Jamie Jansen Photography Store located right on my website. Each photo ordered will now be expertly color corrected by me and printed at the highest quality available. I will still honor the 2 for 1 Print option as well as many other selections far more pleasing to everyone's wants and needs. In the mean time, your photos will soon be unavailable for purchase from Pictage and I recommend waiting until you see your new gallery in my store before purchasing anything. I will keep you posted over the coming weeks about the progress. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding. I guarantee you will be much more satisfied with the quality and service that I insist on giving all of my clients. I apologize to anyone that may have had any problems in the past and I promise you won't have any problems from me. You guys are great.

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Rachel Barker said...

Hey Lisa! This is kinda wild. Will you email me about this? Millie's big into Pictage and I'd love to know what happened.