Thursday, August 07, 2008

Dani and Kaitlyn: Senior Session

I had SO much fun with these two!!! They are both soooo photogenic- not to mention two of the sweetest and most mature teenagers you'll ever meet. All three of us have been excited for this shoot for a long time! The weather was perfect and we found some new locations- it was an amazing shoot!

I'm going to be honest and open with all of you blog readers... I didn't do this on purpose:

But I love it!!! I should accidentally hit the shutter more often :)

And here's a more purposeful version:

This one is for Dani's mom- notice her hair isn't covering her eye :)

Both of these girls could be models. I love how dramatic this one is:

We had a lot of fun getting some shots of the two of them together! Here's one:

Girls will be girls :) Hair check!

These last two were the result of a last minute change of plans. I love these!! I processed them slightly different from my "usual" style. I just love the way they turned out!!

Thanks again Dani and Kaitlyn!!!

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greta said...

love your work so much! just added you to my google reader :)