Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Johanna & Nicholas: Wedding

Where have I been??? Things have been so busy around here, blogging has been put on the back burner. We are staying busy with shoots and weddings AND working on our house! We (Chad, my dad and I) layed floor in my office over the weekend, sealed our blacktop driveway, an even found a few moments to just sit, chat, and enjoy each others company.

Onto the wedding!

Church: First United Methodist Church of Erie, PA
Reception Venue: The Ambassador in Erie, PA

Nick and Jo's wedding was everything we dreamed it would be :) We photographed Jo's sister, Sophia's wedding last summer and instantly connected with the whole family. It was so great to see everyone again! Jo's bridesmaids were so much fun to hang out with all day! The whole bridal party was amazing! We had PERFECT weather, even though storms were forcasted all week. And hello, Nick and Jo are gorgeous!!!
Chad and I had so much fun and we can't wait to see all of you again! Thanks again!!

Jo, you're so cute :)

This was such a beautiful moment; they were singing "Amazing Grace". I took this photo and tears started welling up in my eyes. I had to walk away! You would think after so many weddings it would get less and less emotional- but that is not the case for me!

I love that court house!


Welcome to the party!

I love father/daughter moments like this.

You girls are so much fun!!!! (This was part of the choreography to their version of "Eye of the Tiger".)

Taking in the last few minutes of their perfect day...

Thanks again Nick and Jo!!!!


kaitejeau said...

lisa i have to tell you i faithfully look at your blog and i'm just awe struck by your work. sometimes i laugh sometimes i cry haha i feel like such a lame-o but you are amazing. i'm so proud of you and the things your doing! love you and miss you terribly

Lisa Christine Photo said...

Aw kt thanks so much!!!! I'm touched that you feel that way about my work :)
I miss you too! Going to be around town anytime soon?? You have to see our house!!

kaitejeau said...

i'm moving back in 8 days! so i will be seeing you so soon!

greta said...

love the bride & groom portraits!!