Friday, September 05, 2008

Zack: Senior Session

I had a GREAT time with Zack, his mom, and his sister (photo-shoot extradorinaire) Erin. It's funny to think of someone as your friends younger sibling for so long- thinking they'll never get any older. Then you realize "Oh yeah, he's going to graduate from high school this year!!!" (Which is the case for both of the senior sessions I had this week.)
Zack is such an easy going person, I knew his session would be laid back and a lot of fun. We all toughed out the heat and got some really great shots. Enjoy :)

Serious time.

Less serious time :)

I'm always jealous of eyes this blue!

Erin stepping in, to give some advice on posing.

Some very lovely light toward the end of the shoot!

Jungle? OR a litter-filled parking lot in the middle of Canton. I guess you'll never know.

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