Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Derek & Danielle: Wedding

Chad and I had been looking forward to this wedding since my very first meeting with them, and discovering our mutual love for the Killers :) We didn't get a chance to do an engagement session with Derek and Danielle because they live in Chicago. But when the day of the wedding arrived, they welcomed us in like family. Chad and I were both soooo excited to see the incredible venue's Danielle (and her sister, Dana!) chose. The ceremony took place at the gorgeous Butler Art Museum. White walls+sky lights+beautiful art+hot couple=heaven. After the ceremony and some fun formals, we spent the rest of the evening at the Avalon Inn. And although the day started with Danielle getting stung by a bee (on her LEFT hand!), everything was perfect and absolutely stunning. Here's their slideshow:

(Click the photo to view the slideshow)

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Jim Baker said...

i love these shots, the couple must be really happy... i love the new style of non-traditional weddings... they seem so fresh... great job capturing it... (i also enjoyed the music a lot with the slideshow is that just royalty free stuff?)