Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Michaelle & Scott: Wedding

I am sooo behind with my postings right now! I've got 5 here to put up! I want to apologize to anyone who's been waiting to see these.. Thanks for your patience :)

Michaelle and Scott had an amazing wedding day. These two had everything planned out perfectly. The whole day was spent at La Malfa. But we also did some shooting at Squire's Castle in the Cleveland Metroparks, and I love the shots we got there! These two are so in love and so easy to photograph. Not only that, their families were such a warm group of people! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your beautiful wedding!!

PS-- Chad made a friend at Michaelle and Scott's wedding :) ... All night, the ring bearer was running around snapping shots of everyone and everything with a disposable camera (You can see him action in the slideshow). As we were leaving, he stopped Chad and asked, "Do you like taking pictures?" Chad said, "Yeah, I love it!" and in the most adorable, serious voice I've ever heard the ring bearer said, "Yeah.. I love it, too..." and just sort of walked away. Haha too cute! Enjoy the slideshow!!

(Click the photo to start the slideshow.)

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