Sunday, March 16, 2008

Marci: Senior Session

I had SO much fun today!! I've known Marci for a while (she's a friend of my brother) and although I haven't photographed her before today, she was very natural and comfortable in front of my camera. Even though the weather was kind of "blah", Marci totally worked it. I was chilly in my 2 layers, peacoat, and gloves... and looking at her you would never know it! She was wicked easy to photograph and just fun to be around. :)

We were joined by Anna, Marci's personal stylist :) and Austin... I have no idea how Marci kept her composure so well while this (right) was going on the whole time behind me, hahahah.

This is Marci being the baby penguin :)


mrscappy5 said...

Isn't my little sister absolutely adorable? These pictures truly capture her sweet, innocent?, beautiful inner self. I can't wait for the opportunity for Lisa to take pictures of my boys!

Lisa Christine Photo said...

Thanks!! :) I had a blast photographing Marci!

christina said...

your photography is great...i found your blog while looking for canton area photographers. can i ask what kind of equipment (camera and lenses) you use? i am a new(ish) photographer and i'm constantly collecting info from photographers who inspire me!

Lisa Christine Photo said...

Hey Christina-- Thanks! I shoot with the Canon 5d and Canon lenses. Most of the shots on here are with the Canon 50mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.8... Until I get my hands on the 1.2s :)

Rachel said...

Hey girl! Your black and white processing looks REALLY good here. Way to work it out, chica! Thanks so much for visiting my blog :o) I'll have to make it a habit to come back more often and see your stuff. You do great work!!!

Lots of love to everyone in Canton!