Sunday, May 11, 2008

Logan Rhodes: Birth Story/Portraits

WOW!!! I am sooo excited about these photographs! I am so honored that Josh and Heather allowed me to be there to document the birth of Logan. After missing many phone calls between midnight and 1:30am (I'm really bad at waking up- sorry Josh :) but I'm glad you kept calling!) I headed down to the hospital to document Logan's delivery.
Capturing those moments was not something I took lightly. My hopes in taking these photographs is that Josh and Heather will be able to relive all of the emotions of the event every time they see them. (That is my intention during every shoot or wedding.. but this one especially!) Thank you so much, Josh and Heather, for letting me be a part of such a wonderful time in your lives! I love you THREE very much!!!!

Logan Rhodes Scott
5.8.08 | 5:16am
7 lbs. 10 oz. | 20 inches

This first series were the hours leading up to Logan's arrival.

My favorite moment of the whole day-- Heather and Josh's first sight of their new baby boy:

Back to the new mommy, after he was cleaned up.

I returned to the hospital later that night to grab a few more portraits of Logan. He had so many expressions :)

:D I love this!! Too cute!!


Jeremy VanAndel said...

Wow! What a great concept, and you got some awesome shots out of it.

That very first picture is incredible.

Pam said...

These are beautiful, Lisa! I can't stay away from them. I'm not getting anything done at my house, except looking at my gorgeous grandson. Thank you.

Lisa Christine Photo said...

Thank you, Jeremy! It was incredible to photograph.

And, Pam... I'm sorry!!! hahah
He's so perfect, though- I understand why you can't stay away! :)