Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Maxx & Vycki: Wedding

Maxx and Vycki's wedding day was incredible! This was a non-stop event and we had so much being a part of it!

The day started off with a traditional Vietnamese ceremony. It was a very beautiful and emotional ceremony.

After the first ceremony (and some good food!) it was off to St. Michael's here in Canton for the Catholic ceremony. This church was wonderful to shoot in- it's so bright and white and pretty!

How adorable is this??

It's always the guys who have the trouble with their rings :)

I love this shot!

The reception was held at the Mckinley Grand Hotel in downtown.

I love when couples are completely drawn in by one another, and it seems like the whole rest of the world has faded away.

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Betsy King said...

I think this wedding is beautiful. You really captured some unique shots!

: )