Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ari: Senior Session

!!!!! <-- That is how I feel about these photos. I love them! This shoot was so unique and so much for me. Ari is such a cool girl (and a future rockstar photographer!). In the conversations I had with her mother prior to the session, I knew Ari was going to be a lot of fun to photograph. She had great outfits picked out and was open to all of the ideas I had swirling around in my head! Thanks so much, Ari and Kris, for trusting my vision :)
Enough words- onto what you're here for:

With many thanks to Kris, we had a completely unique experience and location to go with Ari's great "Marilyn" dress!

I have a lot of favorites from this session, and this is one of them!

Love those colors!

Whenever I return to a location, I try to capture everything in a new way.. I'd like to think I accomplished that with this one:

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