Monday, July 07, 2008

Karen & Ian: Wedding

Chad and I had such a wonderful time at Ian and Karen's wedding! The day started off with big gray clouds that didn't look too promising. But, thanks to much prayer, the day turned out perfect! The ceremony was so touching and emotional. The day ended at the beautiful Salem Golf Club. It was our first time shooting there and we really enjoyed it.

I'm still undecided as to whether to post slideshows or individual photos.. but today I feel like letting you in on the stories behind each photo!

A few of the guys getting ready...

Chad had a great time with all of the bold colors in Ian and Karen's new home:

On to the church.
Karen finalizing some details at the alter with Ian's parents.

Love those eyes!

This is one of my many favorites from the day! I love how Karen's mom and Ian's mom are looking at Karen in awe.

"Do you need lipgloss? We have lipgloss!"

A+ to Chad for capturing this beautiful moment of anticipation!


The brother's gazing proudly at their siblings during the vows.

My new favorite vow photograph- there's so much joy in Karen's face! I love it!

I couldn't tell you what kind of car it was, but it was gorgeous!

The girls!

What a stud:

I usually go straight for the crazy-out-of-box-different images for the blog posts, but I thought I'd share a nice simple portrait.

Their cake was beautiful!

Another favorite of mine.. Doesn't this make you feel peaceful?

Last but not least; the newly weds surrounded by all of their family and friends :)


Kay said...

Thank you, Lisa and Chad, for the AWESOME photos! You captured the love and happiness both of our families felt the day Karen and Ian became husband and wife. Now we have the memories and pictures forever! You both do a FANTASTIC job! We LOVE the photos!
Kay (Karen's Mom)

Lisa Christine Photo said...

Thanks so much, Kay! I'm glad everyone loves the photos :)