Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tina & Mark: Wedding

I feel like I've blogged more today than I have this whole month!

Chad and I have been so blessed by our clients! We've been welcomed in like family and treated like the best of friends. That is reason enough for us to love what we do! On top of that, we get to document people and families on one of the most important days of their lives. AND we get to create fun art. We're so blessed!
Tina and Mark were married at the BEAUTIFUL Oak Lodge in Stahlstown, PA. Everywhere you turned was another picturesque location. And hello: Tina is so incredibly gorgeous!!! Mark is such a great guy, and he gave a really sweet toast at the reception which had the whole room choked up! The whole day was wonderful :)
Thanks again, Mark and Tina!!!

Love this!

I love how brutally honest children are, even without words! :)

Chad captured this adorable moment right before Tina walked down the aisle.

The chapel was awesome!

A few portraits after the ceremony...

All of the kids at the wedding received different animal masks, instead of those boring-old grown up wedding favors :)


Marci said...

LISA and CHAD!! You're the best!!!

christina said...

wow, lisa! these photos are are all of your recent posts. looks like you've been a busy girl! hope you enjoy your weekend with "no obligations". :)

Lisa Christine Photo said...

Thanks Marci!! YOU'RE the best :D

And thanks Christina! I'm definitely going to enjoy this weekend!